[Openstack] Migration of 2 VMs to the same Compute node

Daniel Spiekermann daniel.spiekermann at fernuni-hagen.de
Sat Feb 14 17:54:32 UTC 2015

Hi all,

is it possible to migrate 2 different VMs to the same compute node?
As I unterstood, a migration is not deterministic, the scheduler only decides, when a migration will start and which new compute node (depending of the image, the os, the load, the free space, etc.) will choosen.

My plan is to use a special VM for network traffic analysis of a given VM. If this VM will migrate now (perhaps in case of hardware trouble) I would like to migrate my VM to the same compute node, too. But my checks with three compute nodes failed, my VM is not migrate two the same compute node as the given VM.

Do I make a mistake or is it just impossible?


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