[Openstack] Namespaces and network

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From my understanding:

1.       Namespace is created by neutron-dhcp-agent.

You can run neutron-dhcp-agent anywhere you want.

It is common to run neutron-dhcp-agent on control node, but it is not a “MUST” demand.

        I won’t say the network “is created in Compute node ”, a network is created in neutron, it related information stored in database.
        After an instance start, it is neutron’s job to make sure the instance is working under a certain network.
        If you don’t start any instance, nothing real would happen in compute node.

2.       Basically , br-ex is used for L3.

If you don’t use floating IP, br-ex can be removed.

3.       Control node is not connected to VM network, dnsmasq (DHCP server) started by dhcp-agent connect to VM network, so VM can get IP address.


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I have doubts.
I am having a 3 node architecture with Neutron.

1. Whenever we create a network, it is created in Compute node and its namespace is stored in Control node. Instances will be created in compute node. Is my understanding correct?
2. Why do we need 2 ovs bridges br-int, br-ex. Cant we have just br-int and attach physical eth to it instead of attaching it to br-ex.
3. There are 3 types of networks namely, internal network which will carry internal data, VM network connecting VMs and external network connected to internet. My question is why is control node is connected to VM network.

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