[Openstack] Does Xenserver support cinder volume?

Bob Ball bob.ball at citrix.com
Tue Feb 10 10:11:21 UTC 2015


The XenAPINFS driver has indeed been deprecated from Cinder and is not currently under development.  This driver was known broken (some required functionality was missing) and only useful in a very specific use case.

The XenAPI nova driver can, of course, attach Cinder drives exposed over iSCSI, so the XenAPINFS driver is not needed for generic integration.


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Subject: [Openstack] Does Xenserver support cinder volume?

I noticed that XenAPINFSdriver is not included in cinder trunk any longer.

Xen storage manager volume driver is introduced a couple year ago. However, there are no contribution codes though.

Does someone plan to develop this driver?
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