[Openstack] 答复: [FUEL] Nova novncproxy doesn't work.

刘俊朋 liujunpeng at inspur.com
Tue Feb 10 00:39:49 UTC 2015

modify this file.

#vim /usr/share/novnc/include/rfb.js


def_con_timeout  = Websock_native ? 2 : 5,


def_con_timeout  = Websock_native ? 20 : 50,

then restart nova-novncproxy

发件人: Leszczuk, Lukasz [lukasz.leszczuk at intel.com]
发送时间: 2015年2月10日 2:47
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Cc: Kuriata, Andrzej
主题: [Openstack] [FUEL] Nova novncproxy doesn't work.

Hi Stackers,

I have installed Fuel 6 on Ubuntu 12.04 and everything works as a charm except nonvc. I’m experiencing same problem as described in https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1409661?comments=all. In Firefox I’m getting connection timeout and novncproxy logs are clear. In my configuration Fuel is installed as a VM, and only 1 external machine ( desktop with GUI ) is manually configured to have access to Fuel’s public network ( it’s not public cloud, so I don’t need horizon available for everyone ).
I did downgrade websockify to 0.5.1 from Fuel 5 and vnc started working, but apt became inconsistent so it’s not a solution. In bug comment Dmitry wrote that he updated nova packages, so I download Fuel 6.0.1 ( daily build 18 ), updated packages and disabled nonvcproxy on other controllers, but that did not help.

Network configuration ( in case it might matter ):
On external machine I have manually added routing ( via dev eth0 )
On ( which is a host for Fuel ) I have enabled ipv4 forwarding and added ip for Fuel’s public network ( it works as gateway in that network )
I checked every controller node and I can ping external machine.

I’m not sure whether it is Fuel bug, or nova bug, but any help will greatly appreciated ☺

Best Regards,
Lukasz Leszczuk

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