[Openstack] higher MTU for all interfaces

Eren Türkay erent at skyatlas.com
Mon Feb 9 07:12:59 UTC 2015

On 08-02-2015 21:56, mad Engineer wrote:
> Hello all is there any way we can change MTU of all relevant
> interfaces of instances,if i set
> dhcp-option-force=26,1400 will it change MTU of all relevant
> interfaces like qbr qvo br-int etc etc
> is there any way to change MTU of all neutron interfaces.


There is an option "network_device_mtu" on nova.conf. When tap,qvo,qbr bridges
are setup, it will use this setting to set MTU. However, from my experience,
there is no setting to set br-tun, br-int MTU setting.

I need to note that DHCP option will only cause MTU setting inside VMs.

You can follow the bug report about setting MTUs on br-int, br-tun interfaces.



System Administrator

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