[Openstack] [neutron][ml2][sriov]Issues with neutron behaviour

Akilesh K akilesh1597 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 07:12:35 UTC 2015

I found two issues with the way neutron behaves on a multi server install.
I got it to work but I do not this this is the right way to do it. It might
be a bug we might want to fix and for which I could volunteer.

Setup - Multiserver juno on ubuntu.

Machine 1 - Controller
All api servers , l3, dhcp and ovs agent

Machine 2 - Compute
nova compute, neutron-ovs-agent, neutron sriov agent.

Issue 1:

Controller node has physnets 'External', 'Internal' configured in ml2

Compute node has physnets 'Internal', 'Physnet1', 'Physnet2' configured in

When I do neutron net-create --provider:physicalnetwork Physnet1, It
complains that 'Physnet1' is not available.

Offcourse its not available on the controller but is available on the
compute node and there is no way to tell neutron to host that network on
compute node alone

Work around
I had to include 'Physnet1' in the controller node also to get it to work,
except that there is not bridge mapings for this physnet.

Issue 2:

This is related to sriov agent. This agent is configured only on the
compute node as that node alone has supported devices.

When I do a port create --binding:vnic_type direct --binding:host_id
<compute node> The port is created but with binding:vif_type:
*'binding-failed'*.   and naturally I could not attach it to any instance.

I looked at the code and figured out that neutron api is expecting
binding:profile also in the format
 {"pci_slot": "0000:03:10.1", "pci_vendor_info": "8086:10ed"}

Is this how it should be. Because on a single machine install I did not
have to do this. However on a multiserver I had to even give the pci
address is the exact format to get it to work.

I have a serious feeling that this could be lot simpler if neutron could
take care of finding the details in a smart way rather than relying on the
administrator to find which device is available and configure it.

1. If I can get some expert advice I can fix both these.
2. I am not sure if this question should rather be sent to openstack-dev
group. Let me know.

Thank you,
Ageeleshwar K
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