[Openstack] [openstack] Autoscaling

Christian Berendt christian at berendt.io
Tue Feb 3 15:50:35 UTC 2015

On 02/03/2015 04:17 PM, m.channappa.negalur at accenture.com wrote:
> In heat auto scaling template we specify max_size as 3 , it means it can
> launch upto 3 instances ?. I,e once high cpu load , crosses  the
> threshold level  it will launch first vm (as scaling_adjustment : 1) and
> if that load continues to remain same or increasing then the load will
> be distributed on my second vm.  If load is still keep on increasing
> will it trigger 3^rd  vm as max_size is 3 ..?  is my assumptions correct.

That is correct. Have a look at
for further parameters.

At the moment you are missing a OS::Ceilometer::Alarm resource. This
resource has to monitor the CPU load of the instances and trigger the
scaling policy. Have a look at my simple example at


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