[Openstack] Slow Horizon on Icehouse.

Ken D'Ambrosio ken at jots.org
Mon Aug 31 18:52:15 UTC 2015

Hey, all.  I've got an Openstack install, with each control node on its 
own 24 GB, quad-core system.  And yet my Horizon is really quite slow; 
I've seen it take 15+ seconds to log in, click on the "routers" tab, 

The only host among the control nodes that showed significant pain was 
the MySQL host; I replaced its SATA disk with an SSD last night, and now 
instead of a load average ~1.65, it's now around 0.10.  And things feel 
marginally better, but it's still darn slow, so I'm guessing the primary 
bottleneck was *not* MySQL.

Any suggestions on what I should be digging into?  Logs in the cloud 
controller box?  Known API bottlenecks?



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