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Le Quang Long longlq.openstack at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 02:01:59 UTC 2015

I'm using KILO version 2015.1.1 in Ubuntu 14.04.2 . When I block live
migrate VMs between 2 nodes compute. I got this error in libvirtd.log:

2015-08-30 04:45:58.792+0000: 25212: warning : qemuMigrationBeginPhase:2639
: NBD in tunnelled migration is currently not supported
2015-08-30 04:45:58.813+0000: 25212: error :
virNetClientProgramDispatchError:177 : Cannot check QEMU binary
/usr/bin/kvm-spice: No such file or directory

I 've configure following this tutorial:

With Juno version, I 've ever seen this issue.

This is my nova.conf in compute node:

Could you suggest me the solution to fix it?

Thanks and regards
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