[Openstack] question about manila in relationship to nfs-ganesha and glusterfs

Andrea Y Ma ayma at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 28 21:32:41 UTC 2015


I'm trying to use devstack with manila and nfs-ganesha with glusterfs as 
the backend 

Environment: I have glusterfs installed on two bare metal systems and 
devstack using kilo installed on another bare metal system. 
I followed the steps on this link to install manila on my devstack cloud: 

I'm a little confused about how I should be using ganesha nfs with 
glusterfs as the backend. 

Should nfs-ganesha be installed in: 
    a) my glusterFS servers and update the manila.conf setting 
         glusterfs_nfs_server_type= Ganesha
    b) my devstack 
    c) a service VM that I manually spawn? 

I see the following link: 
   which points to there being ganesha support built into manila. 
   The only requirement is that I have nfs-ganesha 2.1 or later. 
   This would seem to imply that I should have nfs-ganesha installed 
   on my devstack instance where manila is running. However from the 
   values in the wiki I'm not sure how to point the nanila.conf file
   to use those parameters. Should I just add them to the glusterfs
   section I have or do I make a new ganesha section and update a 
   manila config setting?
In the glusterFS driver I saw a ganesha reference in this link:
    So this made me wonder if nfs-ganesha should be installed on the 
    baremetals running glusterfs. I don't see a client/server nfs-ganesha
    rpm so was thinking I need to install nfs-ganesha on both the 
    devstack and the glusterfs servers. Please correct me if I am wrong. 
    The instructions I found for nfs-ganesha was the following:

I was also looking at this video:
    #vBrownBag 2014 OpenStack Paris - Bill Owen, Csaba Henk – 
Supporting NFS Ganesha in Manila)
    In the video it shows a slide titled "Improved Ganesha-Based 
Drivers with Service VM". I'm wondering how the serviceVM got generated. 
When I tried just with the glusterFsShareDriver I did not notice a service
VM get spawned. Perhaps I had an error in my setup for using the 
glusterFSShareDriver so wanted to make sure.  Or perhaps I need to do some 

combination of the generic and glusterFsShareDrivers because I did see 
the generic driver a service VM getting spawned.  Or am I supposed to 
manually spawn a service VM and install nfs-ganesha on that newly 
spawned service VM.  If so how do I tell manila about it?

Once I have it running then do I need to do something different for the 
share protocol or is there a document on what the extra-specs should be? 

Also a new user of openstack I'm not sure how communications via the 
mailing list work in conjunction with the irc chat so I also put this all 
in a post too:

Thanks for all the help!


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