[Openstack] OpenBSD ospf6d and ECMP

Aviolat Romain Romain.Aviolat at nagra.com
Tue Aug 25 15:59:42 UTC 2015


I'm having troubles with ospf6d and equal cost multipath, 

I have a very simple setup with three routers, 2x Arista L3 switches and 1x OpenBSD box:

Both switches are advertising the same subnets (for HA). Apparently OpenBSD does not push two routes into the FIB but only the first received.

Here's the ospf6d setup:

area {
         interface vlan5 {

Here's the RIB content:

ospf6ctl show rib
::/0                 fe80::21c:73ff:fe68:fda5%vlan5 Type 2 ext Network   10      08:03:03
::/0                 fe80::21c:73ff:fecd:cb09%vlan5 Type 2 ext Network   10      04:20:14

And the FIB content:

ospf6ctl show fib
*O     ::/0                 fe80::21c:73ff:fe68:fda5%vlan5

Of course I activated the multipath sysctl option net.inet6.ip6.multipath=1

Thanks for your help !

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