[Openstack] [Kilo] No OpenFlow Rules generated on network node

Stinner, Thomas thomas.stinner at sap.com
Wed Aug 19 14:45:26 UTC 2015


i am currently in the process of setting up Kilo (from obs://Cloud:OpenStack:Kilo/SLE_12 Kilo) on three nodes (controller,network,compute).

I want to use vxlan for the tenant network.

On the compute node the openflow rules are created as I would expect them.

However, on the network node no openflow rules are created for the the tenant. Normally packets should be unpacked from vxlan and moved to the correct NS. This is not the case. But the tunnel interface is created correctly, so that the compute node is able to send traffic to the network node (which is then discarded).

No error messages in the logs, no differences in the config files (except ip addresses).

I am searching for 2 days now, does anybody have an idea why these rules are missing?



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