[Openstack] Swap of Controller and Compute Nodes

Badrinath_Viswanatha at Dell.com Badrinath_Viswanatha at Dell.com
Sat Aug 15 16:56:47 UTC 2015

Hi ,
    I have a multi-node "devstacK" based  setup with opendaylight.
When I swapped, the controller and compute nodes, it appears that the cleanup is not proper, as the br-ex is being created in both the nodes.
For cleanup, after the unstack.sh and clean.sh, I had

1)      Removed the ~/devstack folder and the contents of /opt/stack folder.

2)      Removed .* files related to devstack in the home (~) directory.

3)      Cleaned up the  db file in /etc/openvswithc/conf.db*

Then I had pulled a new devstack and used the appropriate local.conf ( with IP address changes ).

Is there any other clean up, that I might be missing


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