[Openstack] Accessing realtime vm details from hypervisor

Dhvanan Shah dhvanan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 01:38:15 UTC 2015


I wanted to access the real time memory and cpu usage of an instance, not
whats its been allocated but how much of what's been allocated is it using.

I can do this by logging into the instance and doing a top or htop, but I
want to do it by not interacting with the instance directly or logging into

I thought of accessing these details thru the hypervisor. So I used -
*virsh vcpucount **<instance-name>    (cpu)*
*virsh dommemstat <instance-name>*   (memory)

But again these do not give the current usage but what's been allocated.

Could someone help me with this, as to how I can do this or if there is a
better way to do this.

Dhvanan Shah
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