[Openstack] possible to PXE-boot an instance from another instance?

Adam Young ayoung at redhat.com
Wed Aug 12 17:32:27 UTC 2015

On 08/09/2015 01:47 AM, Chris Friesen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm wondering if it's possible to set up one instance as a DHCP/tftp 
> server, and netboot another instance from it (using PXE or similar).
> Has anyone tried something like this?  I'm using neutron, so I figure 
> there's at least a chance that it offers sufficient flexibility.
I have code that does the necessary steps with Neutron to:

1.  Create two networks (public and private)  with subnets for each
2.  Adds a router for the public subnet to attach it to the public network
3.  Creates two VMs (RHEL, Centos, or Fedora) and attaches them to both 

So, you should be able to use this setup to have DHCP listen on private 
interface.  Create a new host with no image and only connect it to the 
private and it should PXE boot.

> Chris
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