[Openstack] Getting started with openstack

Christian Berendt christian at berendt.io
Tue Aug 4 09:14:43 UTC 2015

On 08/01/2015 09:12 AM, Marton Kiss wrote:
> If you just started to play with OpenStack, I suggest to use a clean OS
> deployment to avoid any confusing situation caused by leftovers from a
> previous installation. I also suggest to check the http://devstack.org
> project, you can deploy a working pilot or demo of a vanilla OpenStack
> into a VM if you don't like to ruin your existing setup. (but don't
> forget to allocate enough memory and disk storage, and select QEMU as
> compute vm driver).

An other good entry point is our installation guide available for
different distributions at http://docs.openstack.org/.


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