[Openstack] [Icehouse] Object Container error

Amit Anand aanand at viimed.com
Thu Oct 30 19:28:37 UTC 2014

Thanks Clay. Yeah this is swift version 2.1.0. Ive done write_wring and
copied the new .gz files to the object node still getting same error. I
have no clue where port 6003 is coming from its driving me crazy :-)

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 1:11 PM, Clay Gerrard <clay.gerrard at gmail.com>

> Well the device ports can only come from the rings. There is no default.
> You're right the backend request is for an object - but maybe it's a
> policy-1 ring?  You said icehouse though so maybe this isn't swift 2.0?
> The swift-init error for proxy is troubling - you should figure out if
> maybe the proxy process that is running is stale somehow and make sure it
> can restart normally with no error. You should make sure all the ring.gz
> are up to date with your builders - try to rebalance one more time - or use
> write_ring. Also all the replication ports are 6002 - could cause problem
> with replication. Also three replicas with only one device probably won't
> be as successful as you might hope working around backend failures.
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