[Openstack] [openstack-dev] [Heat] Stack stuck in DELETE_IN_PROGRESS even though all resources are DELETE_COMPLETE

Steve Baker sbaker at redhat.com
Tue Oct 21 23:15:30 UTC 2014

On 22/10/14 11:56, Ken Thomas wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I'm using Heat from Icehouse and I'm hitting a problem that I'm hoping 
> y'all can shed some light on.
> I have no problems doing stack-create. I can watch the MySQL commands 
> go by and see it happily update the stack table so that it eventually 
> shows up as CREATE_COMPLETE. When I delete the stack, everything seems 
> to be working fine.  I see the MySQL update that sets the stack to 
> DELETE IN PROGRESS as well as the updates that sets my single resource 
> to DELETE_COMPLETE... but I never see the final update to the stack 
> table to set it to DELETE COMPLETE.
> One very odd thing that I found in the MySQL logs (snippet below), is 
> a query that includes that stack name but with an extra '*' character 
> append to it. My stack is named 'xyzzy8' but notice the 'xzyzzy8*' in 
> the constraint. That's not going to return anything and I'm wondering 
> if that is what's preventing the final stack DELETE_COMPLTE update 
> from happening?
> There are no errors in the any of the heat logs.
> Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
> Ken
> SELECT stack.status_reason AS stack_status_reason, stack.created_at AS 
> stack_created_at, stack.deleted_at AS stack_deleted_at, stack.action 
> AS stack_action, stack.status AS stack_status, stack.id AS stack_id, 
> stack.name AS stack_name, stack.raw_template_id AS 
> stack_raw_template_id, stack.username AS stack_username, stack.tenant 
> AS stack_tenant, stack.parameters AS stack_parameters, 
> stack.user_creds_id AS stack_user_creds_id, stack.owner_id AS 
> stack_owner_id, stack.timeout AS stack_timeout, stack.disable_rollback 
> AS stack_disable_rollback, stack.stack_user_project_id AS 
> stack_stack_user_project_id, stack.updated_at AS stack_updated_at
> FROM stack
> WHERE stack.deleted_at IS NULL AND (stack.tenant = 
> 'c6c488223aae4e97bf56dda8cef36b3b' OR stack.stack_user_project_id = 
> 'c6c488223aae4e97bf56dda8cef36b3b') AND stack.name = *'xyzzy8**' AND 
> stack.owner_id = '9a3e56d7-0c10-4c1c-8c54-0e5580cee121'
(This is a usage question, so replying to the openstack list)

Seeing 'xzyzzy8*' is odd. I'm not aware of anything in the code which 
would cause this. It would be more useful for you to scan your 
heat-engine log for any errors occurring during the stack delete.
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