[Openstack] used floating_ip counter not decreasing even after removing instance

mad Engineer themadengin33r at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 14:58:08 UTC 2014

   in my setup i have created 10 instances each with floating_ip and
deleted all instances,*with out disassociating floating ip.*
Now when i try to associate floating ip with new instance,it shows "unable
to associate floating ip" and in dashboard used floating_ip is 10/10 even
with only 5 instance and 5 floating_ip actually being used.

i just increased quota to make it work now,but there also encountered few

*nova quota-update --floating_ip 12 tenant1*

 it successfully updated the count to 12 (as per nova quota-show tenant1
but on dashboard value remained the same).
until i  used
*nova-manage project quota *
to fix this:

1.How can i make floating ip quota to decrement when one instance is
deleted (with floating ip still associated in it )
2.how to Update quota so that its reflected in dashboard (*nova
quota-update ,*successfully updated the variable but still dashboard was
showing old value until used *nova-manage project quota*)
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