[Openstack] disc requirements in horizon (icehouse) for cinder conversion

samuel samu60 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 12:20:49 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

I've realized a point of cinder architecture that I would like to share to
know whether the deduction is right and how does people deal with it. It
affects in the image creation process, concretely regarding the temporarily
conversion part.

In cinder.conf (icehouse version) appears the following config parameter

# Directory used for temporary storage during image conversion

Which points to a local (or remotely mounted) path where a temporarily
image is stored for conversion.

The point is: what happens to "big" images? Does the available space of
this path limits the size of the image able to be converted?

Going further, using a rbd ceph storage solution, does this "limitation"
forces us to enable cephFS to remotely mount a "big" available space to
convert images? Or do we have to plan the hard disk of the horizon to be
big enough just for the conversion process?

Is this a limitation being changed in Juno version?

Apologies for the amount of answers. I thank you in advance for any advice
or hint to give any answer to above questions.

Best regards,
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