[Openstack] [Cinder] volume migration between volume backends

Jonathan Proulx jon at jonproulx.com
Tue Oct 7 21:52:31 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I'm installing a new storage backend to my cinder environment and
would *really* like to move my existing volumes to it.

I did this once before moving from LVM on a storage nod to a SAN based
solution with the cinder volume service running on the controller
node.  for that case:

cinder migrate <uuid> <new-node>

worked just fine. The migration I want to do involves two backends on
the same cinder-volume server.  Looking in the database I tried:

cinder migrate <uuid> <same-node>@<new-backend>

which did put the volume in to "migration_status=starting" with no
error, but 3hr later doesn't seem to have done anything else.

Is this supposed to work or am I just being crazy?

volume server is Icehouse on Ubuntu14.04 the source backend is eqlx
the destination is rbd.


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