[Openstack] Swift: not existing objects in container list

Jan Krajdl jan.krajdl at casablanca.cz
Tue Oct 7 08:03:56 UTC 2014

Hi Andreq,

object names shouldn't be problem in our case. Currently only one
application is using this swift cluster and all objects should have name
only with numbers (name consist of date/time - YYYYMMDDHHMM). But
definitely I try to play with .expiring_obects container and try to find
some anomaly :)


Jan Krajdl

Dne 6.10.2014 v 15:19 Andrew Hale napsal(a):
> Hi Jan,
> When expiring objects are still showing in listings they are not really
> deleted by object-expirer yet - the object-server lies rather than serve
> a file with a x-delete-at header in the past.
> Its likely that your expirer is stuck on an object name and not
> proceeding past that name, there are a few different unicode related
> bugs in previous versions of swift.
> Check out what the expiring objects container looks like, I do this with
> a command like: swiftly --direct=/v1/.expiring_objects
> The containers are each unix timestamps corresponding to a particular
> hour, each container has object names for those files which need deleted
> in that time period. You can see if you have old containers which have
> got stuck, and what the object names are. Its usually quite obvious. You
> can delete manually.
> Andrew
> On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 1:11 PM, Jan Krajdl <jan.krajdl at casablanca.cz
> <mailto:jan.krajdl at casablanca.cz>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I have problem with our very small swift cluster (running openstack
>     grizzly). I have 2 storage nodes in 2 zones (both with 5 discs, all
>     nodes are running account, container and object server), 2 swift proxy
>     servers and 2 load balancers for proxy servers. Objects are created with
>     X-Delete-At header. On one of proxy servers is running object-expirer.
>     Everything is working as expected (objects are automatically deleted)
>     but in some cases list of the container shows already deleted objects.
>     If I several times list container content in 30% cases I got in list
>     object which should be already deleted by object-expirer. Stat on this
>     object fails with error so it seems that object really doesn't exists
>     but only container see it. If I delete object manually it will work and
>     I never can see him again. Also only some objects stays in list, most of
>     objects are really deleted by object-expirer. Has anybody idea what can
>     cause this strange, random behaviour?
>     Thanks,
>     --
>     Jan Krajdl
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