[Openstack] OpenStack Juno RC1 fully available in Debian

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Sun Oct 5 07:57:27 UTC 2014

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It's with great pleasure that I am announcing the availability of Juno
RC1 in Debian. As of today, it has been fully uploaded to Debian
Experimental (I have just uploaded Trove a few minutes ago, which was
the last package remaining).

I haven't had time to test it yet, or to run the tempest functional
testing yet, though I am planning to do all of that this week.

New in this release:
- - Full support, together with sysv-rc and OpenRC, for systemd & upstart
on all core packages, so you can decide which init system you prefer.
All of the init scripts (for all 4 init systems) are now generated out
of templates, which brings more consistency.

- - Possibility to decide if you want to use syslog and/or log files in
convenient /etc/default/openstack or /etc/default/<name-of-the-daemon>
(which you have to create, there's no such files by default, and by
default it's using the traditional log files in
/var/log/<project-name>/<daemon-name>.log, with more consistency on log
file names).

- - Sahara and Murano (though murano-dashboard isn't ready yet, because it
has been rejected by the FTP masters due to the presence of a non-free
.min.css files, which has been removed upstream, but I need to wait for
the next RC to be released, then I'll be able to do a 2nd upload attempt).
Note that while those have been packaged, I cannot tell if they work
well or not, as I couldn't find the time to test them (yet), and have
very few knowledge on how to use them. Though at least I can tell that
the daemons are running after installation, and producing log files.
Feedback welcome!

Note that everything is currently available from Debian Experimental
only, as the current plan is to have Icehouse released in Jessie (which
means that Juno cannot be uploaded to Sid/Jessie).

The amount of work in this release has been particularly important
compared to the last 3, because of the amount of new dependencies. The
number of packages I now maintain is slowly approaching 200 (see [1]).
However, the number of failed unit tests in packages are very very low
in both the Sid/Jessie build and in the Wheezy backport.

Note that after Jessie is frozen (on the 5th of November), I am planning
on opening a new Jessie backport repository, and that I will also work
on Jessie backport packages for Kilo. It is well possible that I will
also upload Kilo directly to the official jessie-backport repositories,
eliminating the need of adding 3rd party repositories (I'm not decided
yet if I will do that though, so your comments would be appreciated).

Please help me with the test of all of the above, and I would very much
welcome anyone to send bugs to the Debian bug tracker [2] if you find
any problem in the current packages.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

[2] https://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting
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