[Openstack] Nova-network Bug??

Georgios Dimitrakakis giorgis at acmac.uoc.gr
Sat May 31 11:09:13 UTC 2014


 For some days now I am trying to figure out what is the problem and 
 IceHouse instances don't get internet access (you can have a look here: 

 Today I 've discovered that I have to put a NAT-firewall rule in the 
 compute node every time I start an instance. The rule that is needed is:

 iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -o  eth0 -j MASQUERADE

 If I put the rule and then I start an instance then the instance 
 doesn't have internet connectivity unless I put the rule again. The same 
 applies if I start a second instance! All of them are loosing 
 internet-connectivity. Putting the rule again and all of them are 
 connected again. And the same happens again and again.

 Is this a bug somewhere??? Am I missing something??

 You all understand that it's not convenient at all to have to execute 
 this every time an instance is started!

 Looking forward to hear your thoughts!




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