[Openstack] Question about the Neutron Networking

BYEONG-GI KIM kimbyeonggi at gmail.com
Tue May 27 08:45:19 UTC 2014


I have a question why the Neutron Networking, which introduces 3 nodes
(Network Node, Compute Node, and Controller Node) deployment that separates
Networking functionalities, has been proposed and adopted since OpenStack
Havana release.

I've read and found lots of documentations and I felt that the Multi-host
Networking mode with nova-network seems much more suitable for production
ready, because this deployment can distribute traffics accordingly.

As far as I know, the current Neutron based Networking, which is fully
centralized, can provide neither traffic distribution nor scalability I
think. An only merit seems to provide HA to avoid SPOF...

Could someone explain the background why the Neutron Networking has been
proposed and what the demerits of Multi-host Networking were?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Byeong-Gi KIM
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