[Openstack] How to deploy Ironic (Baremetal) in running Openstack

Ta Ba Tuan tuantb at vccloud.vn
Mon May 26 03:14:15 UTC 2014

Hello eveyone,

I have running Openstack, and I want use Ironic to manage provisioning 
of physical hardware on the Cloud.

and I have some questions, hope everyone helps me!:

- DHCP IP for bare-metal compute host:
Ironic speaks neutron-dhcp must be disabled. Mean,  must my running 
Openstack disable neutron-dhcp on the network node?
If must disable neutron-dhcp, Cloud instances won't  get DHCP IP.

- Ironic run only on separate openstack system ?
It might not combied with providing of instances? Because 
/etc/nova/nova.conf (/must be modified on the Compute Service's 
*controller nodes* and compute nodes), with content:/


Thank everyone!
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