[Openstack] pacemaker would be wrong when both node have same hostname

walterxj walterxj at gmail.com
Wed May 14 10:34:36 UTC 2014

hi:� � � the high-availability-guide (http://docs.openstack.org/high-availability-guide/content/ch-network.html) says that�Both nodes should have the same hostname since the Networking scheduler 
will be aware of one node, for example a virtual router attached to a 
single L3 node.
� � �But when I test it on two servers with same hostname,after installing 
corosync and pacemaker service on them(with no resource configured),the 
crm_mon output goes into endless loop.And in the log of corosync,there 
are so many messages like:May 09 22:25:40 [2149] TEST       crmd:  
warning: crm_get_peer:         Node 'TEST' and 'TEST' share the same 
cluster nodeid: 1678901258.After this I set diffrent nodeid in 
/etc/corosync/corosync.conf of each test node,but it didn't help.
����So,I set diffrent hostname for each server,and then configure 
pacemaker just like the manual except the hostname,the 
neutron-dhcp-agent and neutron-metadata-agent works well,but 
neutron-l3-agent not(VM instance can't not access the external 
net,further more the gateway of the VM instance can't be accessed 

����After two days checking,finally I found that we can use "netron l3-agent-router-remove
 network1_l3_agentid external-routeid" and "netron l3-agent-router-add 
network2_l3_agentid external-routeid"  to let the backup l3-agent to 
work when the former network node is down.(assume the two node's names 
are network1 and network2),alternatively,we can update the mysql table routerl3agentbindings in neutron base directly.If it make sense,I think we can change the scrip neutron-agent-l3 , in it's neutron_l3_agent_start() function,only need few lines to make it work well.

Walter Xu

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