[Openstack] [neutron] GRE network with 5 nodes

Ageeleshwar Kandavelu Ageeleshwar.Kandavelu at csscorp.com
Wed May 14 06:56:43 UTC 2014


I recently tried to install Openstack with one controller/network node and 5 compute nodes. I tried to use GRE for neutron network mode. I finished the installation successfully but the network performance was terribly slow. This was partly due to the fact that I was using a low performance switch.

What I inferred was while using the GRE mode the switch's port were constantly blinking indicating heavy traffic. I am aware that in GRE mode there is a mesh of tunnels between the various nodes. I assumed that the GRE mode was placing a burden too heavy on the switch and tore down the setup and created a vlan setup instead. The performance was good with vlan.

Is this expected or I had been doing something wrong?
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