[Openstack] Very poor windows 2008 R2 network performance (iperf)

JR botemout at gmail.com
Fri May 9 01:59:02 UTC 2014


My openstack grizzly cluster runs on ubuntu 12.04 servers with 10G NICs.
I have ubuntu, centos and windows 2008 R2 guests.  I've noticed that
while both my linux guests can communicate at some reasonable
approximation of 10G wire speed (e.g., 7-9Gb/sec on iperf tests), the
windows guests max out at 2.5G when talking to the host on which they
run, down to ~1.2G to other hosts.

I've made some modifications as per this doc:


and upgraded my virtio network driver, but it's not helped.  I've also
done about an hour or two of googling which has revealed little.

I understand that this is not an openstack issue, but, I suspect, others
have encountered this when bringing 2008 R2 guests into their clusters.

Thanks much,

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