[Openstack] Defining resources at vm creation time without specifying a flavour.

Andrew Stringer andrew at rainsbrook.co.uk
Thu May 8 14:26:58 UTC 2014

Hi, recently I have created some staging (QA) environments from snapshots 
of the prod environment.

Because these are snapshots, the disk requirements are the same between 
staging and prod, but I would like to have allocated much less cpu and 
memory. Unfortunately, because a flavour ties disk, cpu and memory 
together, I cannot specify the machine size I would like without having to
define a new flavour for the QA.

If I start on the route of defining a new flavour for each vm, I can see 
the flavour list becoming unmanageable.

Is there a way with openstack to define the machine's resources at 
creation time in a similar way to virtual box, vmware or AIX LAPRS?


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