[Openstack] Boot from image (creates a new volume) starts an instance with no image

Everett Toews everett.toews at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed May 7 21:26:30 UTC 2014

I’ve come across what I’m pretty sure is a bug somewhere between Horizon and Nova. It’s really easy to reproduce.

1. Fire up a DevStack instance from the stable/havana, stable/icehouse, or master branches.
2. Go into Horizon
3. Launch an instance
3.1 Instance Boot Source: Boot from image (creates a new volume)
3.2 Image Name: cirros
3.3 Device size (GB): 1

When the instance finishes booting you’ll see that the instance only has a ‘-‘ in the Image Name column. If you click on the instance you’ll see in the Overview Meta section “Image Name (not found)”.

My understanding of Boot from image (creates a new volume) is that it simply creates a instance and attaches a volume automatically. It’s basically a convenience for the user. Is that right?

Seems the bug is in Nova as the instance was created with the cirros image and Nova isn’t reporting that fact back. I get different responses depending on the client.

  "Image Name (not found)"
  nova show server_id
  "Attempt to boot from volume - no image supplied”
  curl .../v2/tenant_id/servers/server_id
  "image": “”

Does anyone have some insight as to what Nova is doing (or not doing) here?

I suspect Horizon is making some bad calls but Nova shouldn’t be allowing an instance to get into this state.


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