[Openstack] [Marconi] Guidelines for deployment

João Faria joao.faria at poli.ufrj.br
Fri May 2 21:27:04 UTC 2014


I have searched a bit on the mailing list and o the web at large but I
haven't really found what I'm looking for. Does anyone have experience with
deploying Marconi on production environments, on top of OpenStack resources
(ie. Nova instances, possibly deployed using Heat templates)?
What I have been trying to do is to come up with a template that will
deploy MongoDB replica-sets and Marconi webservers behind a load-balancer,
while automating scaling under load as well as recovery steps in case of
failure. I have looked into HARestarter, AutoScaling and such, but haven't
really found a way to make it all work out.
Thank you for any info you may have!

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