[Openstack] (Juno) Multiple rings Swift

Christian Schwede christian.schwede at enovance.com
Mon Dec 22 18:46:13 UTC 2014

On 22.12.14 19:11, Amit Anand wrote:
> Now I want to try and do the following below:
> http://techs.enovance.com/7094/openstack-swift-2-0-introducing-storage-policies
> So pretty much have a Paris and Montreal center as described - I want to
> add a third datacenter to each as replication. So it the blog it says
> create new rings - there is where I am getting confused - may someone
> help and let me know what are the commands to create a whole new ring?? 

Author of the post here :)

Use the following command to create another ring:

swift-ring-builder /etc/swift/object-1.builder create 15 3 1

Storage Policies are addressed by an index number (see the blog post,
for example storage-policy:0), and these are related to the ring files:

storage-policy:0 -> /etc/swift/object-0.ring.gz

storage-policy:1 -> /etc/swift/object-1.ring.gz

and so on.

Policy 0 is the default one, and if there is no ring file named
"/etc/swift/object-0.ring.gz" Swift tries to use

Let me know if this helps!


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