[Openstack] RabbitMQ consumes memory and shuts

Roman Mashak roman.mashak at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 16:01:05 UTC 2014


I installed OpenStack Juno; the issue I'm observing is that RabbitMQ
running on the controller (package rabbitmq-server-3.1.5-10 installed
by yum) is not stable, i.e. it quickly eats up the memory and shuts
down; controller has 2G of RAM. Below is the messages from logs and
'systemctl status' before the daemon died:

=INFO REPORT==== 18-Dec-2014::01:25:40 ===
vm_memory_high_watermark clear. Memory used:835116352 allowed:835212083

=WARNING REPORT==== 18-Dec-2014::01:25:40 ===
memory resource limit alarm cleared on node rabbit at node

=INFO REPORT==== 18-Dec-2014::01:25:40 ===
accepting AMQP connection <0.27011.5> ( ->

=INFO REPORT==== 18-Dec-2014::01:25:41 ===
vm_memory_high_watermark set. Memory used:850213192 allowed:835212083

=WARNING REPORT==== 18-Dec-2014::01:25:41 ===
memory resource limit alarm set on node rabbit at node.

*** Publishers will be blocked until this alarm clears ***

rabbitmqctl[770]: ===========
rabbitmqctl[770]: nodes in question: [rabbit at node]
rabbitmqctl[770]: hosts, their running nodes and ports:
rabbitmqctl[770]: - node: [{rabbitmqctl770,40089}]
rabbitmqctl[770]: current node details:
rabbitmqctl[770]: - node name: rabbitmqctl770 at node
rabbitmqctl[770]: - home dir: /var/lib/rabbitmq
rabbitmqctl[770]: - cookie hash: FftrRFUESg4RKWsyb1cPqw==
systemd[1]: rabbitmq-server.service: control process exited,
code=exited status=2
systemd[1]: Unit rabbitmq-server.service entered failed state.

I upgraded the daemon to version 3.4.2 taken from
This didn't help either -- although the new daemon consumes memory
slower then 3.1.5, it does eventually shuts and closes.

I know about set_vm_memory_high_watermark, but it doesn't solve the
issue. I want to ensure that the daemon doesn't shut down abruptly. I
wonder if someone saw this before and could advise?

Roman Mashak

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