[Openstack] Basic Network Configuration

Georgios Dimitrakakis giorgis at acmac.uoc.gr
Wed Dec 17 23:12:21 UTC 2014

 Hi all,

 Can someone help me with a very basic network configuration for the 
 ethernet cards on the compute nodes?

 Each of my nodes has two physical network interfaces (eth0 & eth1).

 For the moment one (eth0) is configured with external IP (153.*) that 
 is used to directly access the node from the internet and the other 
 (eth1) is on an "internal" higher-speed lan (192.*) which is used for 
 the nodes to communicate with each other on a higher-speed internal 

 I would like to setup nova legacy network on IceHouse release.

 According to my understanding I have to use a br100 bridge interface 
 bridged only with the "internal" nic (eth1).

 What I cannot understand is what is happening with the IP addresses.

 I see at the manual that the interface must be unnumbered....is that 

 Should I have both br100 and eth1 without IP at all???
 If I do that how can I hop (login, scp files, etc.) directly (without 
 using the external network) from node to node then?

 In the above setup there will also be a CEPH storage node. That node 
 will also have two network interfaces that have the same configuration 
 (one external and one internal). If all the internal interfaces are 
 unnumbered how can I get the storage node to talk with openstack on the 
 internal "faster" network?

 Can someone share his/hers experience and configuration?

 Best regards,


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