[Openstack] single 10G NIC and isolation in nova-network

mad Engineer themadengin33r at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 05:16:21 UTC 2014

hello All,
             I am trying to setup a test environment of icehouse,but
the server has only one NIC.
I want to achieve isolation of tenant traffic,management traffic,API
and storage all go through this card.

My doubts are :
                      1. If i configure to use trunk VLAN and create
and use
            eth0.2 for virtual machine ie by creating a bridge out of
it say br0 and add VNIC to it
         and specify eth0.3 as the interface with internet traffic
that is where Public IP will be assigned for NAT.Can nova-network
handle this,i mean can nova-network handle interface that are tagged
and create bridge out of it.I have tried similar setup on non
openstack environment and all my existing openstack has at least 4 NIC
Thanks for your help

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