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dhanesh1212121212 dhanesh1212 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 07:00:22 UTC 2014

Hi All,

Below details is Mentioned in openstack document to configure object

For simplicity, this guide uses one region and
zone with 2^10 (1024) maximum partitions, 3 replicas of each object, and 1
hour minimum
time between moving a partition more than once. For Object Storage, a
partition indicates
a directory on a storage device rather than a conventional partition table.

Please Clarify my doubts.

1. Does it mean we can create only 1024 folders (directory) if we select
2^10. is it possible to expand the partition later?

2. started swift configuration with three replicas. is it possible add more
replicas later?

3. what is the meaning of "moving a partition more than once in one hour".

Dhanesh M.
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