[Openstack] neutron won't bind to 9696

Dmitry Makovey dmitry at athabascau.ca
Mon Dec 8 22:12:43 UTC 2014


I'm having an odd issue. Under RHEL6 with RDO IceHouse I'm trying rnning
the same setup procedure I ran successfully under CentOS6 vith RDO
IceHouse a few month back. I have checked and re-checked configs and
they all look reasonably "the same" (apart from original setup being
done on a diff. network, and inside of bunch of VMs).

So what I'm having is neutron-server running but not binding to the 9696
port, nothing in error logs suggests the cause. "openstack-status" runs
fine for the rest of the services, but since neutron is botched I've
only been able to confirm keystone and glance being functional.

Currently my /etc/neutron/neutron.conf contains both {verbose,debug}=True

What else could be done to locate the issue? (obviously neutron-debug is
of no use as it can't talk to server).

selinux is in enforcing, however I've ran with permissive mode with the
same results.

log output on neutron-startup is here:

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