[Openstack] Swift questions

Remo Mattei remo at italy1.com
Wed Aug 27 12:53:50 UTC 2014

Marcus if you read the documentation most of your questions will be answered 

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> Il giorno 27/ago/2014, alle ore 08:04, Marcus White <roastedseaweed.k at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> Hello,
> Some questions on new and old features of Swift. Any help would be
> great:) Some are very basic, sorry!
> 1. Does Swift write two copies and then return back to the client in
> the 3 replica case, with third in the background?
> 2. This again is a stupid question, but eventually consistent for an
> object is a bit confusing, unless it is updated. If it is created, it
> is either there or not and you cannot update the data within the
> object. Maybe a POST can change the metadata? Or the container listing
> shows its there but the actual object never got there? Those are the
> only cases I can think of.
> 3. Once an object has been written, when and how is the container
> listing, number of bytes, account listing (if new container created)
> etc updated? Is there something done in the path of the PUT to
> indicate this object belongs to a particular container and the number
> of bytes etc is done in the background? A little clarification would
> help:)
> 4. For the global clusters, is the object ring across regions or is it
> the same with containers and accounts also?
> 5. For containers in global clusters, if a client queries the
> container metadata from another site, is there a chance of it getting
> the old metadata? With respect to the object itself, the eventually
> consistent part is a bit confusing for me:)
> MW
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