[Openstack] iops limiting with OpenStack Nova using Ceph/Network Storage

Tyler Wilson kupo at linuxdigital.net
Wed Aug 27 08:32:33 UTC 2014

Hey All,

Is it possible to setup a iops/bytesps limitation within nova using libvirt
methods? I've found the following links but cant get it to work with my


I see in the commit code that it specifically mentions file and block with
no network in the code;

        tune_items = ['disk_read_bytes_sec', 'disk_read_iops_sec',
            'disk_write_bytes_sec', 'disk_write_iops_sec',
            'disk_total_bytes_sec', 'disk_total_iops_sec']
        # Note(yaguang): Currently, the only tuning available is Block I/O
        # throttling for qemu.
        if self.source_type in ['file', 'block']:
            for key, value in extra_specs.iteritems():
                scope = key.split(':')
                if len(scope) > 1 and scope[0] == 'quota':
                    if scope[1] in tune_items:
                        setattr(info, scope[1], value)
        return info

Is it possible to limit or establish QoS rules for network storage in nova
currently or only in cinder? My source protocol is rbd, qemu driver and raw
disk type.
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