[Openstack] Keystone and Horizon questions

Marcus White roastedseaweed.k at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 16:55:24 UTC 2014

I had some keystone and Horizon questions, would apprecite it if
anyone can help:-)

a. Does Keystone run as a service scaled across multiple nodes? Since
it would need access to shared data, I dont understand how it scales.

b. If it does not run on multiple nodes as a service, how can it
handle a large number of concurrent requests?

c. Is it expected to be a service that is exposed to the clients on a
public cloud? Does Rackspace today do it or any other public cloud?

Some horizon questions also

a. Does Horizon allow customization for specific services? Is there
any way to add value on top of it for my own Nova or Swift or Cinder
view, can I do that or is it whatever is done by the community the
only thing available?

b. It seems like Horizon is basic right now, do vendors provide their
own GUI for customers?

c. Is there a hardware monitoring also as part of Horizon? For
servers? For storage arrays? Is there a standardized agent or
something that runs on hardware?


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