Brent Troge brenttroge2016 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 00:34:20 UTC 2014

Excuse this question and for lack of basic understanding. I dropped from
school at 8th grade, so everything is basically self taught. Here goes.

I am trying to figure out where each offset/partition is placed on the ring.

So If I have 50 drives with a weight of 100 each I come up with the below
part power

part power = log2(50 * 100) = 13

Using that I then come up with the amount of partitions.

partitions = 2^13 =  8192

Now here is where my ignorance comes into play. How do I use these
datapoints to determine where each offset is on the ring?

I then guess that for each offset they will have a fixed range of values
that map to that partition.

So for example, for offset 1, all object URL md5 hashes that have a decimal
value of 0 through 100 will go here(i just made up the range 0 through 100,
i have no idea what the range would be with respect to my given part-power,
drive, etc).
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