[Openstack] Determining OpenStack Supported API Features

Andrew Mann andrew at divvycloud.com
Tue Aug 19 12:04:19 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone,

I'm interested in any information around determining the supported feature
set for individual OpenStack installations. Our product works with multiple
cloud providers, and with the great stability and usability improvements in
Havana and Icehouse, we've seen a lot of the installations we work with
migrate forward. Today we see grizzly being phased out, Havana seeing
pretty good use, and Icehouse being adopted.  The improvements in Juno,
Kilo and beyond seem likely to continue to push this trend, but it also
seems likely we will see a lot of installations stick with what works.

Just between Grizzly and Icehouse we have some pretty significant variances
in how we need to work with the API.  The progression of Neutron as a
replacement/alternative for Nova networking and the introduction of
Projects are two areas that require a lot more than just calling a
different API endpoint.

Up to this point, we find ourselves individually picking out support
features, but as the feature matrix grows and cross-dependencies develop,
this seems likely to become overwhelming. From our perspective it will be
critical to define a restricted set of minimally-supported-feature-sets
(i.e. "Icehouse with Neutron networking" vs "Icehouse with Nova
networking"), and it would go a long way if OpenStack itself maintained at
least a list of such recommended "baselines" and ideally exposed the
available baseline through the API in a more direct manner than querying
for each individual feature.

Is there any existing work/plans/thoughts in this area?

Is this something that would be seen as valuable to usability or a
hindrance to experimentation and development?

Andrew Mann
DivvyCloud Inc.
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