[Openstack] [Swift] Does anyone deploy Swift with non-Eventlet WSGI servers?

Samuel Merritt sam at swiftstack.com
Fri Aug 15 20:02:37 UTC 2014

As far as I know, most Swift deployments use eventlet.wsgi as their WSGI 
server. Are there any out there that use Apache/mod_wsgi or anything else?

I ask because I'm looking at making better use of the 100 Continue 
response inside Swift (proxy ---> object server requests, nothing 
client-facing) to facilitate the development of erasure-code support. 
Specifically, I'm looking at adding a header to the 100 Continue response.

The reason this affects Apache/mod_wsgi folks is that WSGI doesn't give 
you any access to the 100 Continue response. PEP 3333 declares that a 
WSGI server must support sending a 100 Continue response, but it's 
handled transparently by the WSGI server and not the application. Thus, 
to get access to that stuff, I need to do things that go beyond WSGI. I 
have an idea how to make this happen for eventlet, but I can't fix every 
single WSGI server out there.

So, Swift operators: what WSGI server are you using for your account, 
container, and object servers?

Also, if erasure-code support required you to switch your Swift account, 
container, and object servers to eventlet.wsgi, would you switch or 
would you not use erasure codes?

(Note that this is just the internal HTTP servers, not the Swift proxy 
server. Nothing here would change the client <--> Swift protocol at all.)

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