[Openstack] Heat, keystone trust, and horizon: why is the password box there?

Don Waterloo don.waterloo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 12:49:12 UTC 2014

I believe I have heat setup correctly using trust & domain model (on
icehouse / ubuntu 14.04), I followed


and heat is working fine from the command line (when the environment
variables are set), and from horizon (when I enter my password a
second time on the 'launch stack' box).

But my understand was I would not have to supply my password a second
time. I can't leave the box blank (it says its required).

Am I misunderstanding this? I don't see code in horizon that would
'hide' this box.
If i'm not misunderstanding, is there a way to 'test' the setup of the
domain, of the trust?

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