[Openstack] Problem with Keystone on Debian 7

sylecn sylecn at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 08:22:37 UTC 2014

> so I create a special admin via
> keystone user-create --name dsp --pass 123
> keystone user-role-add --name dsp --role admin --tenant admin
> then I unset OS_SERVICE_TOKEN
> and try to get the user-role-list via
> keystone --debug --os-username=dsp --os-auth-url=
> --os-password=123  user-role-list
> and just get no result.
> But if I try to add some user-role-list entries, keystone tells, that this
> combination still exists. For my opinion, I should get some result for the
> keystone user-role-list or am I wrong?
> With the debug-option on, I get this:
> "user": {"username": "dsp", "roles_links": [], "id":
> "11958972ebce4d97831f3139ab3465aa", "roles": [], "name": "dsp"},
> "metadata": {"is_admin": 0, "roles": []}}}
> Shouldn't the is_admin parameter set to 1?
Are you missing --os-tenant-name option or are you passing it via
environment variable? Make sure tenant name used to do auth is admin. You
should be able to tell which tenant you are using in the debug log.

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