[Openstack] even with 60G qcow2 image " FlavorDiskTooSmall: Flavor's disk is too small for requested image. " for m1.small

mad Engineer themadengin33r at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 13:55:12 UTC 2014

    i am using Centos6.5 with Icehouse release,on KVM Hypervisor,

Trying to launch Centos  instance from a newly uploaded qcow2 image.

Created centos6.5 image in qcow2 format with 60G virtual size and actual
size of 1.7G

image: Centos6.5_x64.qcow2
file format: qcow2
virtual size: 60G (64424509440 bytes)
disk size: 1.7G
cluster_size: 65536

after uploading to glance

*glance image-list*

glance image-list
| ID                                   | Name                | Disk Format
| Container Format | Size       | Status |
| 34b7dc50-51b2-4c01-9605-444f4f01f02d | centos6.5           | qcow2
| bare             | 1851195392 | active |

When an instance is created from above image with flavor m1.small ie
with 20.0GB

compute.log shows
*FlavorDiskTooSmall: Flavor's disk is too small for requested image.*
any idea why is it so,even with disk size 60Gb > 20G

Can this be a Bug

"*Cirros works fine*"
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