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Giuseppe Galeota giuseppegaleota at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 06:58:03 UTC 2013

Dear Illia, dear all,

I work at Santer Reply S.p.A. (Reply s.p.a. group) on the
* project (Interoperable cloud platforms for smart-government). PRISMA is
supported by *Italian Government and European Union*, and it aims to
develop an *Open Source* cloud computing system to provide services on both
IaaS and PaaS level, in order to realize a Smart Community between
citizens, Governments and Health agencies.

For our project, we have chosen *Openstack*. Furthermore, we want a
Database as a Service (DBaaS) in order to provide both *relational and
non-relational* database instances. So we have joined the *Trove* project.

Regarding non-relational database, we need that the DBaaS provides
*MongoDB*instances. I have noticed that
is an initial project.

1)   How can I contribute to the develop of that project? Is there some
initial source code?

2)     Are there other active projects on MongoDB that I can install and
test on the Openstack platform?


Giuseppe Galeota
Bari - ITALY
g.galeota at reply.it
www.reply.it  <http://www.reply.it>

giuseppegaleota at gmail.com
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