[Openstack] How to set up cinder with SAN

Vladimir Parf openstack at yandex.ru
Tue Sep 24 06:44:46 UTC 2013

Hi! Please help sort out the issue with the setting cinder and SAN. I 
have a SAN storage HP P 2000, and 10 blade servers all connected via 
Fibre Channel.

I can not understand how I configure Cinder. Do I understand correctly 
that each Compute-node I will have to connect the LUN.

For example:

compute-node-2 => LUN 10TB (+LVM);

compute-node-3 => LUN 10TB (+LVM);

compute-node-4 => LUN 10TB (+LVM);

compute-node-5 => LUN 10TB (+LVM);

Whether to adjust the cinder on each compute-nodes ? How then adjust 
cinder ins master node?

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