[Openstack] use openstack in Cisco VMDC 3 datacenter

Iman Hb iman.1353 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 21 05:37:34 UTC 2013

sorry for my commonplace question,Im new in
openstack technology!
We have started to build a new
datacenter based on cisco vmdc 3.1 technology.

we want to serv IaaS as a
service(public & private cloud).
But, Im confused, with cisco 1000 v and
vmware solution for virtualization, zenoss for monitoring and etc,
what is the role of openstack technology?
Does it merge all of these solution
from central point?
How can we use openstack solution for implementing a cisco vmdc 3.1?
can anybody guide me about its benefits
on this field?
Best Regards
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